Aux Code

What is the AUX Code?

Agents at call centers use AUX codes, or Reason Codes, or Auxiliary Cods to track time they have declined to accept calls from the. Call centre agents need to log in the Automatic Call Distributor/Contact Centre Software in order access AUX Codes. The software will send calls according a defined Call routing strategy, to the extensions of the agent. Auxiliary code allows a contact center worker or agent to enter a specific code. They can usually be used via the unavailable’ or Not Ready buttons. They are used to determine why a contact Centre agent can’t accept calls.Auxiliary time, or AUX, is an agent status that an agent can use to be unavailable for inbound distributed calls. Its primary function is to manage the workload of non-call activities.

Free time, not productive: breaks, training and coach, agent prep, etc.Paid productive time: project time, postal mail, email, manual processes, etc. It is possible that you will be asked to perform unpaid functions, such as Lunch at some centers and breaks at other centers. This allows WFM measurement. Agent confusion can arise if there is too many AUX codes. This can lead in some confusion and lower the effectiveness of accurate tracking.

Importance of AUX code:

An AUX code is a code that is used to indicate the status of a call center agent. The code can be used to indicate whether an agent is available, busy, or on break. The code can also be used to indicate the reason for an agent’s absence. One of the many benefits of a call center is AUX codes. You can find more information on AUX at our blog What Is an AUX In a Call Center. AUX codes are one of the great benefits of a phone center. AUX code can be used to help track the performance of your phone center and make sure your agents provide the best customer service. You can use AUX code to troubleshoot issues in your call center, and ensure that your call centers are running smoothly. A call center is an excellent way to improve customer satisfaction.We are offering the virtual phone number in US  area codes like  714 area code and  726 area code and many more. We also provide some services like Call Nation and  Prepaid Mall. visit our blog virtual number israel

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